To give you support and confidence when you need it the most, we stock a range of discreet male incontinence products to help you lead an active and independent life. Our high quality, disposable incontinence products for men provide exceptional dryness for all levels of bladder weakness and incontinence so that you can get on with your everyday. We understand the need to feel totally secure and confident, which is why we have a choice of affordable, disposal products specifically designed for the male anatomy. We also offer an easy product selector to help you choose the product that’s right for your needs, providing complete peace of mind.

Male Incontinence Products

With our varied range of male incontinence products, users and clinicians can be sure they are using the highest quality disposable products that are tailored for their individual needs.

Specifically shaped for the male anatomy, our male pads and sheaths provide support and extra absorbency exactly where needed and can be worn with our washable slimline fixation pants for an extra secure but invisible fit.

High-Quality Products for Men

With the focus on discretion and total protection, our incontinence products for men provide exceptional comfort and dryness for all levels of bladder weakness and male incontinence, helping you to live your life with confidence.

Our men’s incontinence products have been specifically developed with you in mind, giving you a personal choice of easy-to-use products that provide exceptional quality, fit and absorbency.

Producten voor mannen