The Hartmann Direct range has been designed to take the day-to-day worry out of living with incontinence, whatever the level or severity. We understand you want to feel totally secure and comfortable, so offer a choice of affordable, disposable products suited to different incontinence protection needs. Our slight incontinence range is for lighter levels of incontinence and includes discrete, ‘barely there’ pads providing lighter absorbency levels to keep you fresh and dry.

For moderate to heavier levels of incontinence, our heavy incontinence range provides greater levels of absorbency and include pads and pull-on pants for extra security and long-lasting comfort. While for more extreme levels, our severe incontinence products, including pull-up pants and all-in-one slips, are designed to manage significant bladder and bowel issues and are for those who are less mobile or need 24-hour protection and support.

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