The MoliCare® Premium Mobile range comprises of pull-up pants which are suitable for those who experience moderate to severe incontinence. Made to look and feel like conventional underwear, the products in the Premium Mobile range all feature a discreet design and are designed to adapt to the shape of the body for a comfortable and secure fit.

To ensure dryness, MoliCare® Premium Mobile products feature a three-layer absorbent core which has been developed to lock away fluids. The products in this range are also designed to maintain a skin neutral pH of 5.5 to reduce risk of skin irritation.

A wetness indicator helps you to keep to a consistent changing routine, and the tear open sides make this easier for the wearer. Premium Mobile pull-up pants also include odour neutralisers that ensure long-lasting freshness. The unisex style of MoliCare® Premium Mobile pull-up pants are suitable for both men and women for all levels of bladder weakness as well as night-time support. Browse the range today.

Premium Mobile